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Dog Waste Removal

We will clean up your yard so you don't have to!
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Are you tired up picking up all the dog piles in your yard?  Whether its from your own dogs or someone else's dog that left the surprise behind for you to find, hopefully before you step in it, we can be of help. When the snow melts and you have a yard full of dog poo, our spring cleaning service is worth every penny!!! We'd gladly pay you to pick up our yard after the snow melts :o) 
Our Dog Waste Pick-Up and Removal service can be scheduled at any time you need it, no matter how many dogs you own or the size of your yard. We can come to your Ozaukee County home any day of the week and just in time before you mow the lawn.  We do not require a weekly contract so you pay for the service when you need it and not when you don't. 



 $10.00 - first 15 minutes

$5.00 - each additional 15 minutes



By appointment any day of the week.


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